On demand webinar: Tackling Today’s Challenges While Setting the Stage for Servitization Success

Service organizations across the globe are balancing the need to manage the COVID-19 crisis while also future-proofing their businesses strategy so they are set to thrive as we recover. Discover how best to juggle business continuity, the safety of employees and customers, and investment in technologies that provide both immediate value and long-term potential.

In this on demand webinar, Sarah Nicastro, Founder of the Future of Field Service podcast, interviews Roel Rentmeesters, Director of Global Customer Service for Munters, a global leader in energy-efficient sustainable air treatment solutions. Roel provides valuable firsthand insight on how the crisis has impacted operations, how Munters has acted quickly to adapt, and how an instrumental investment in remote assistance that was deployed to more than 200 employees across 22 countries in just 2 weeks has transformed service delivery.

Watch now to learn:
  • How Munters evolved their business model to move away from break/fix work and toward guaranteeing uptime to customers.
  • How the business adapted to COVID-19, the challenges, and the ongoing benefits and USE cases for remote assistance.
  • How Munters managed a global rollout of the new remote assistance technology in a matter of hours and ensured training of it’s global engineering workforce.
  • Why Munters chose IFS remote assistance after evaluation of various technology solutions.

Your hosts

Sarah Nicastro

Field Service Evangelist
Future of Field Service

Roel Rentmeesters

Director of Global Customer Service