The IFS experts you need
Just when you need them

Change your approach from managing your IFS solution operationally, to utilizing it for maximum benefit, with the support of IFS Success Application Management Services (AMS). This IFS service framework enables you to access over 21 distinct skills, as and when you need them, to realize more value from your IFS software and unlock your teams’ full potential.

IFS Success AMS gives you:

  • Choice – Choose the IT skills you need, in the unique combination your business requires
  • Flexibility – Adapt your solution as your business grows and changes so it is always fit for purpose
  • Advantage – Get tailored solutions for your business and become an industry challenger, with new ideas and functionality
Let your people work smarter with IFS Success AMS: improve end-user productivity, increase overall uptime, and focus on generating business value. IDC found IFS users increase productivity by an average of 18%. That’s the equivalent of almost an extra day of productivity every working week.

Transition away from submitting regular service requests with undefined waiting times toward a model that works for you. IFS Success AMS provides 24 hours a day access to the unique skillset your issue or service case requires, for impactful business engagement and quick and effective resolution.