On-demand: Field Service best practice webinar series

5 best practices for mastering Field Service CX

CX is one of the most hyped topics in our industry, yet few have managed to harness its potential as a brand differentiator. How do businesses revisit their field service model, identify the failing touchpoints and deliver a great CX?

Overcoming the barriers to servitization

Organizations that once sold products are looking to “as a service” business models as a way to future-proof themselves. This webinar looks at the typical challenges on the journey to Servitization and how these can be overcome.

5 steps to introduce AI into Field Service

You can’t escape the hype around AI and Machine Learning and the potential to deliver faster smarter service. AI is already an integral part of many service operations, but where are the quick wins and what steps should you be taking to introduce AI and prepare your field operations for the future?

Leveraging data: today’s most valuable asset

There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day, but that pace is only accelerating with over 97% of organizations investing in big data. How do we ensure we are collecting and the right data and how do we harness this data to improve field service? What are the key metrics that matter in service? What KPIs should we track? How do we extract the data we need to predict the future?