IFS Cloud: A platform for modular and offsite construction excellence

Supporting modern construction methods and enabling best practice

The Future of Construction is Modern

The construction industry is one of the largest sectors in the world, as well as is a major contributor to the world economy. However, it is also chaotic, disconnected and constantly facing new disruptions. If you're running a legacy or end of life system, you're at risk of stalling your transformation efforts, losing your competitive advantage and missing out on revenue—and probably facing rising costs too.

IFS Cloud for Engineering and Construction is built for your industry and designed to help you embrace modern construction methods and techniques.

With innovation embedded, IFS Cloud supports your move to modern methods of construction and contains core functionality including

  • End-to-end project management
  • Advanced subcontract management
  • Enhanced estimating capabilities
Learn how the IFS Cloud solution can deliver true business value for you.

IFS Cloud for Engineering and Construction

Engineering and construction companies are used to operating in chaotic, disconnected and disruptive environments. Through innovation the industry has developed new ways of working, such as offsite and modular construction to deliver projects on time, on budget and at high quality.

However, while these techniques may be considered best practice, many struggle to adopt them as their ERP backbone is unable to support them. IFS Cloud for Engineering and Construction has been built to enable construction companies to achieve best practice, handle disruption and deliver positive Moments of Service by being more flexible, agile, and adaptable.

Download this interactive eBook and learn how IFS Cloud empowers and enables companies to adopt modern methods of construction and deliver on time, on budget and at high quality.

Supporting the full value chain

Engineering and construction companies continue their pursuit of best practice to allow them to deliver projects on time, on budget and at high quality. Simultaneously, a growing number of companies and new market entrants have invested in modern methods of construction, centred around the basic principle of doing more with less.

Over the past 10 years, investment in these techniques has been very diverse and has included; offsite construction, modular or prefab construction and precast foundations.

However, where many engineering and construction companies fall short is that simply adopting modern construction methods is not enough to deliver best practice. Companies need to realize this transition requires a complete mindset change, a desire to become more innovative and ensuring your business system architecture can reflect your ambitions.

The engineering and construction value chain is incredibly complex, with an increasing number of companies turning to digital differentiation.

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IFS Solutions for Specialty Contractors

With specialty contractors facing immense pressure from the ongoing industry challenges of tighter margins, global skill shortages and low profit margins, many have needed to adapt their methods of working to increase productivity, improve project delivery and performance, so they are on time, every time. IFS delivers the tools you need to compete successfully.

Software for Modular & Offsite Excellence

However you call it—modular construction, offsite construction, manufacturing-blended construction or construction integrated manufacturing, performing work in a shop environment instead of the construction site makes sense. Whether you are a contractor expanding into offsite work, or a manufacturer installing assets on a customer site, you need IFS as your construction ERP. IFS Cloud gives you:
  • Project financial controls for on-site work
  • Engineer-to-order ERP for shop-based design and fabrication
  • BIM compatibility
  • Comprehensive ERP to cover the entire manufacturing and construction spectrum

Adopting Modern Methods of Construction Across the Value Chain

Understanding how modern methods of construction can be used across the entire value chain is key for any contractor that is looking to; improve efficiency, quality and lower costs.

Download this infographic to explore the value chain in more depth and how modern methods of construction can help to:
  • Standardize components and processes
  • Improve project control
  • Enhance productivity, efficiency and quality

Learn the Terms and Concepts behind Modern Methods of Construction

With the world of construction continuously changing and methods of construction evolving, for general contractors it can be difficult to keep up with trends. To help you get started, here is a quick glossary of terms and the business concepts driving change in the construction industry.

Is your Enterprise Software Holding you back?

It is vital for construction organizations that your enterprise software meets consumers' and stakeholders' demands around issues such as sustainability, data collection and profitability, project updates and more. However, not all software is created equal, and you can count on most providers to only tell you what you want to hear.

In this White Paper we look at three ways your enterprise software can lead you on a road to nowhere and how to effectively navigate the path to success.

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