Cimcorp’s IT Strategy for Working Smarter

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How can organizations work smarter when it comes to their IT strategy and IT operations?

Pekka Nurmi, Director of Corporate IT at Cimcorp, talks about the company’s efforts to modernize IT to increase its ability to be strategic, nimble, and most impactful.

Cimcorp makes advanced robotic solutions for intralogistics that are used to optimize material flows in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. Cimcorp is one of the world’s leading providers of automation systems for the tire industry and chose IFS Cloud so it can deploy and operationalize innovation in a pragmatic way, while delivering more value to customers.

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#3 Reduce customizations, reduce costs

IFS customers reduce customizations by an average of 60% when they upgrade, resulting in a significant reduction in both costs and internal resource demands to support customizations.

IFS Cloud also gives you flexible configuration capabilities, such as consultant and power-user friendly designers and tooling to extend your data models, change the user interface, automate processes and much more.

#4 Meet today’s challenges with new functionality

You're missing out on the latest functional enhancements for finance such as global tax control and flexibility in revenue recognition and project completion designed to help your business stay compliant.

IFS Cloud supports reporting and analysis scenarios in a multi-company, multi-currency environment, and provides automated routines to support the financial close.
  • Increase finance team productivity by 24%
  • Close finance cycles 30% faster
  • Errors occur 27% less frequently1

#5 Give your people the user experience they expect today with IFS Aurena

The IFS Aurena user experience feels and operates like the best consumer software but is designed to perform in complex scenarios and large, data rich enterprise environments.

  • Designed to facilitate collaboration, improve engagement and user performance… IFS users increase productivity by 18%—that’s the equivalent to almost an extra day of productivity every working week.2
  • Browser-based and responsive, so it automatically adapts to your current environment—whether that’s a large desktop monitor, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Works with browsers on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices. 
  • Convey your brand colors, logotype and imagery to employees as well as your end customers as they come into contact with field service, B2B self-service, and other parts of IFS Cloud.

#6 Connect and extend your core applications

In an increasingly borderless, automated world, your core software needs to be built to connect and extend, right out of the box.

We built IFS Cloud around standards-based Open APIs, so that everything you can do in IFS Cloud you can also do through our open APIs. Simply connect and extend your core applications to your wider application landscape as well as a huge variety of platforms, tools, data sources and more outside your business.

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"The interface in IFS Cloud is a huge improvement. People love the fact that you can access IFS Cloud with your mobile phone all the time. That’s a big plus."

Pekka Nurmi, Director of Corporate IT at Cimcorp

About IFS Cloud 

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Industry, Innovation, Choice

Built to meet the specific needs of your business and the markets you serve, IFS Cloud combines deep industry and functional strength with intelligent and autonomous capabilities that can be put to work from day one.

IFS Cloud delivers real choice in how you deploy and make it yours, and exactly the same functional capabilities whether you run it in our cloud or your own datacenter. It’s simple to use and tailor, making it easy for you to extend and connect to your business and application landscape.

This is the solution that pulls your core business activities together into something greater: moments of service that delight your customers.

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