Delivering the Full Asset Lifecycle

The New Business Revenue Model for Construction

Delivering the Full Asset Lifecycle

An increasing number of asset owners are outsourcing service and maintenance for their assets over their whole lifecycle—these contracts have traditionally been awarded to specialist service and maintenance contractors and are 120-200% larger than contracts for the initial asset build.

Faced with diminishing margins for capital projects, these service and maintenance contracts throw construction firms a much needed lifeline; however taking them on requires a complete change in mindset: construction firms who adopt the full asset lifecycle model must focus on long-term success, ensuring build quality is high and project deadlines are met.

IFS Cloud contains functionality that allows users to accurately manage projects throughout the lifecycle from one single platform—ensuring you can operate from one version of truth—from start to finish.

Supporting the Full Asset Lifecycle

In this eBook you will learn how delivering the full asset lifecycle is rapidly becoming the business model of choice for many construction firms as they increase their profitability and customer satisfaction—gaining predictable and reliable revenue streams through the provision of service and maintenance contracts.

Discover how IFS Cloud empowers and enables construction firms who adopt this model to succeed with a solution that provides industry specific functionality across the full asset lifecycle—in one single platform.

Complete Project Lifecycle Control

For engineering and construction businesses that deliver the full asset lifecycle, having complete project lifecycle control is a necessity not a nice to have. IFS Cloud for Construction enables best practice processes and supports the full asset lifecycle to ensure that projects are delivered on-time, on-budget and at a high quality.

Discover how having complete project lifecycle control can improve the efficiency and profitability of your operations by:

  • Increasing value and ROI by delivering on time, on budget and with high quality
  • Ensuring you only ever operate from one version of truth
  • Connecting procurement teams to a project to ensure accurate reporting
  • Improving the estimating and design process from project inception
  • Delivering accurate reporting throughout the project lifecycle

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IFS Solutions for Specialty Contractors

With specialty contractors facing immense pressure from the ongoing industry challenges of tighter margins, global skill shortages and low profit margins, many have needed to adapt their methods of working to increase productivity, improve project delivery and performance, so they are on time, every time. IFS delivers the tools you need to compete successfully.

The Future of Construction is Modern

Your specialty contracting business probably runs a financials package, supplemented by additional bolt on software systems, spreadsheets and project management tools. Just because the construction industry is chaotic and disconnected, doesn’t mean your business system architecture has to be also.

IFS solutions for construction contain core functionality that matters. With innovation embedded, gain total control and operate from one version of the truth.

Specialty Contractors need a futureproof ERP

Plan for the long-term. What you need from an ERP solution today, will be different to what you need from your ERP solution tomorrow. Read about 7 key capabilities your ERP system needs to successfully support your business—today and tomorrow.

Learn the terms and concepts behind Modern Methods of Construction

With the world of construction continuously changing and methods of construction evolving, it can be difficult for busy specialty contractors to keep up with all the trends. To get you started here is a quick glossary of terms and the business concepts driving change in the construction industry today.

Asset Lifecycle Servitization: The New Business Revenue Model for Construction

More and more asset owners plan to outsource maintenance for the whole lifecycle of their assets. Service or facilities management contracts are often offered by construction companies for assets they, or another, contractor has built. Why not claim this business for yourself?

This white paper looks at the opportunities presented by delivering the full asset lifecycle business model, the transformative digital journey required, and the enterprise software capabilities firms must embrace to be able to compete.

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