On-demand webinar: Field Workforce Optimization in the New Normal

The 'New Normal' is here. It’s time to rethink your service delivery. Real-Time Scheduling and Optimization software uses AI to self-learn and deliver the optimum schedule with no human interaction. It goes beyond optimization to constantly adjust in real-time, enabling service organizations to work smarter and react instantaneously.

As you tackle the obstacles of rebound and recovery, including meeting a surge of service requests while managing reduced budgets and workforces, travel restrictions and new safety precautions onsite, maximizing your valuable resources and reacting quickly to changing priorities is key to success.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how:

  • Real-Time Scheduling and Optimization software enables you to streamline the strategic, operational and tactical elements of resource planning
  • Cubic Transportation Systems has leveraged this powerful tool to shift to outcomes-based service and continually deliver excellence amid complex service scenarios
  • The IFS Real Time Scheduling engine can make thousands of decisions in seconds to continually optimize the jobs and travel routes for your field staff
  • Service organizations are reducing their average cost per job by 76% and average drive time by 35% with this technology

Your hosts 

Sarah Nicastro

Future of Field Service

Mark Brewer


Andrew Vlachiotis


Susannah Richardson


Mike Gosling

Cubic Transportation