Enabling A&D Manufacturing business transformation:
On-Demand Webinar

"Turning around a large ocean liner" is often used as a metaphor applied to business for a significant organizational or IT change—the larger the change, the slower it will take to pivot. When it comes to A&D Manufacturers, they don’t need to be beholden to the same metaphor. Provided their ERP implementation allows them to be agile in their operations and flexible to meet changing market demands, A&D manufacturers can operate with the nimbleness and swiftness of a speed boat.

The dynamic nature of the industry demands that A&D manufacturers be on their toes to capitalize on new technology opportunities, shift business priorities, and react immediately to major market events or regulatory changes. These can be relatively opportunistic and planned, such as introducing servitization models or onboarding new technology such as IoT and artificial intelligence to revolutionize operations. But they can also come from an external source at a moment’s notice, driven by sudden market or regulatory forces.

Listen to Matthew Medley, Senior Product Manager, IFS Aerospace & Defense, as he details how, with the right ERP software—A&D manufacturers can be better positioned to drive business transformation, react to market fluctuations and meet stringent security measures.