IFS Cloud for Service Management

A platform composed around your needs

IFS Cloud is a composable platform allowing you to select the applications your business needs. You can access all functionality that IFS has to offer, whether that be service management, supply chain, projects, finance or HCM, with a single user experience, database and code-line extending seamlessly across all modules. 

Our new user experience feels and works like the best consumer software, it is designed to perform complex tasks, intuitively in seconds, delivering great savings in staff productivity and ensuring rapid user adoption. 

What enhanced service functionality will upgrading give you?

Adding value for our customers

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Discover service capabilities in IFS Cloud

Full service lifecycle management to deliver service excellence, optimize efficiency, and grow revenues.

With Service being a crucial differentiator for many businesses and often run as a business in itself, getting it right requires careful consideration of many moving parts - read about orchestrating all these pieces in this factsheet. 

Integrate a best-in-class service management platform

IFS Cloud enables service industries to integrate a best-in-class service management platform with their existing systems landscape for operational efficiency and revenue growth.

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with customer experience you get access to additional functionality 

Delivering a class-leading solution

Explore IFS Cloud with this brochure and discover the capabilities it delivers, helping you harness intelligence and automation.

Adding value for our customers

Hear how using Scientific Games have streamlined their service management organisation and increased dispatch efficiency by 73%. They're now looking forward to their journey on the IFS Cloud roadmap. 

Create business agility with a composable environment
Our unique composable solution enables you to pick the capabilities you need today and add more later, all tailored to your industry and needs. Create your value chains or switch on new functionality to expand your solution and meet evolving needs quickly.